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The history of Walnut Hill

In 1775 Thomas Mial, Sr. bought 430 acres from Malachi Hinton, and this was the land on which the first Walnut Hill Plantation house was built. As Walnut Hill grew to include 2700 acres, the farm became one of the largest agricultural operations in Wake and Johnston Counties. The farm descended through the Mial/Williamson family to the present day. In the late 1980s, Thomas Mial’s direct descendent, Thomas Mial Williamson, built a replica of the original house which had burned in 1973.

Present Day

Today the beauty of Walnut Hill is enhanced by several original outbuildings, including the gazebo, flour house, mule barn, smokehouse, chicken house, log tobacco barns, vinegar house, well house and corn crib.‚Äč